Helga Toth-Halapi

Witney, Oxfordshire / UK

My name is Helga Toth-Halapi and I am a master lash trainer. I am the founder and CEO of Luxury Eye brand and Training Academy.

I am an international judge, speaker of conferences, winner of multiple awards.My journey in the lash industry started in 2014 when I fell in love with it from the very first moment.
Thanks to my diligence I managed to become one of the World’s best eyelash experts in a short time.

I believe that high quality work greatly depends on the training courses and products we use. So that’s why I give quality education and this is why I choose the best on the market.

I am so proud to be a world recognized trainer who was able to share knowledge with students all over the world and who had more than 1200 students since 2016 when I became an educator.

If you are ready for this wonderful journey, stay with me, I will help you to become the best Lash Master you can be.

Alison Lennox

Irvine, North Ayrshire / Scotland

I have been in the lash industry 10 years now and I am so happy to be sharing my knowledge and passion with my students ! I have completed classic lash training , volume and advanced volume aswell as mentoring sessions with various amazing lash artists . I believe there is never too much you can learn when it comes to lashes.

I am trained in most beauty treatments however my obsession for lashes has taken its toll and I now spend all my days lashing my beautiful clients some of which I have been doing their lashes for almost 10 years!

I am over the moon to be representing luxury eye by Helga Halapi and I’m excited to see what my lash future holds. ?

Susanna Kettle-Williams

Irvine, Brentwood, Essex / UK

Susanna is a multi award winning Lash Artist with awards in both Classic and Volume application.

Previously worked in banking for 15 years predominantly training colleagues across the globe, her passion for training and developing others has always played an important role through her working career.

Susanna is a mother to two children of her own, and two step children, she is a true advocate of work life balance and will help show you how to be a successful lash artist whilst juggling parenthood and running a household.

‘You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus and the support’

Weronika Rant

Northampton, East Midlands / UK

My name is Weronika. I’m originally from Poland and currently living in England (Northampton).

In summer 2014 I woke up and decided I wanted to change my life and decided to become a lash artist, so my lash journey began!

Previously I have worked as a mobile phone tech. After completing my first lash course in 2014 I fell in love with lashes, but it wasn’t an easy start. My determination and passion for lashing took me to other courses. In total so far I have attended about 15 lash training sessions.

After a little while I was completing a couple of online competitions where I proudly won the following places:

– 2nd place in 4D+ Estonian Beauty international online championship 

– 1st place in master classic lashes Paris beauty international online championship 

– 2nd place in master 3D lashes Paris beauty international online championship 

– 2nd place in master 4D lashes Paris beauty international online championship

Previously I had experience as a lash trainer, then I decided to become the official educator for Luxury Eye in 2023.

Together with amazing quality products from Luxury Eye and my passion for my work we can teach you how to become successful lash artists.

“To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work. “

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together. ” 

Gréta Bognár

Gyöngyös / Hungary

I started my studies in Budapest in 2012 as a beautician, then in 2013 (as a first-year student) I organized the first Classic eyelash course in my class. I was really looking forward to it and was as excited as a little girl. After the course, I immediately felt that this was not enough to become a professional eyelash artist, so I continued to invest in myself. I graduated as a beautician in the summer of 2014.

I opened my small salon in Gyöngyös (Hungary) and started to dive deeper into the world of eyelash extensions. Thanks to this, since 2017 I have only been building “Volume eyelashes” for my clients. This is where my “love” for the profession began, the world of “Volume Lashes” showed what I always wanted to see on the faces of my clients when they left: confidence and satisfaction. The beginning of the year 2018 changed everything as from this year Luxury Eye products finally became available in Hungary.

As a beautician, I also strived for professional quality, so it was essential for me to provide luxury and quality as an eyelash stylist, which I finally found in the “Luxury Eye” brand. In 2019, to my great pleasure, I diligently participated in a Luxury Eye Training and from this point the “Love” with Luxury Eye began.

In 2020, I became the first Luxury Eye Reference salon in Gyöngyös. Thanks to constant training and persistence, my work was excellent and Helga allowed me to join her team. On April 18, 2021, my huge dream came true: I completed the two-day trainer training. I became the 3rd Luxury Eye instructor in Hungary. A new chapter in my life has begun, the one I’ve been waiting for! I strive to pass on to my students the love, zeal, diligence and knowledge inherent in the profession.

I was then invited to a TV show as part of an interview as an eyelash stylist and instructor to showcase my work and tell people about the world of eyelashes.

If you do what you love, you are free, if you love what you do, you will be happy!

I’m happy now!

Anarma Adžić

Koper / Slovenia

Anarma has been in the Lash Industry since 2014 working in beauty salons as a lash stylist before taking the step to open her own studio, Queen Lashes in 2014. Since day one she put all her passion into perfecting her work, taking care of her clients with their natural lash health in mind.
Anarma has trained in many Lash Courses throughout her career but she felt she has never learnt so much as what she learnt with Helga in 2018.

In January 2019 she joined Luxury Eye by Helga Halapi team, a company she has
admired since she meet Helga at a competition and go to see her precious work
and commitment to the lash world.
As well as being a Lash Master and educator, she is also a proud mother of her son, Stash and a wife to her biggest supporter.

She always says

” Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is
the fuel behind a successful career”.
“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the
focus, and the support”.


Sandra Szczepaniak


High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire / United Kingdom

Hi, my future students. 
I come from Poland and I am a mother of 3 and my eyelash career began in January 2016. I believe that to be the best you have to learn from the best. Only this way and a lot of practice is a guarantee of success!
That’s why I have always chosen top lash and brows stylists and instructors from all over the world to learn from them.
During this time, I have earned around 40 certifications, learning different methods, different techniques and improving them, to now share it all with you.
I was not limited by the lack of English language and the distance at that time. That’s why I chose to work with Luxury Eye, the world’s top 1 in product quality.
If you are looking for a patient instructor who will inspire you to this profession, I invite you to train with me in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK.

After my training you will not be afraid to start working with the client. You still have my support afterwards. I’m here for you not only during training day.
See you soon!

“The impossible I do immediately, miracles take a little longer.”
~David Berglas

Karolina Derwis


Leeds, West Yorkshire / United Kingdom
I’ve been in the lash world for 7 Years.
My first training was in 2015 then after a few months I started with the volume method.
Every year I was improving my work with volume and other style workshops training in the UK and also in Poland.
I have been trained in lash lift and brows from 2018.
I’m multi award winning with classic, volume and other styling lash competitions.
I love working with my clients and making them happy.
I would love to share all my knowledge from my lash career.
I always focus on perfection with my work and I will make sure I pass it to my students to help them to become a successful Lash Artist.
I can conduct the training on Polish language too.

Eva Batoczki

Lausanne / Switzerland
I’m from Hungary, the land of beauty. I left the capital crossed harmoniously by the Danube in 2014. I chose to settle in Switzerland out of love and to share our know-how.
Practicing my passion since 2013, I now have all the tools in hand to pass on all my knowledge with real impact and real added value.
The creation of the Boudoir d’Éva in 2018 has led me to face many challenges successfully. The greatest support during the complicated times when you don’t know if you have to stop everything, or everything is going to fall apart, are the dozens of training that I have had the chance to follow throughout my journey.
At each of my stages, Helga and her company Luxury Eye have always been there to help me progress and bring maximum value to my clients.
It is a great personal pride for me to now be part of its team of very high level trainers!

Ildikó Molnár

Budapest / Hungary

I completed my very first eyelash extension course in 2010, right after completing my cosmetology studies. Since then I have participated in several other trainings and many competitions. (From this I managed to achieve podium positions: 1st and 2nd place – 1D Classic category, 1st place – 3-5D category).

In 2016, I obtained a master’s degree in cosmetology and graduated as a teacher at the college. Making eyelash extensions has become my main profile – and also my passion – since 2014, this has been my main job. When I build eyelashes, I strive for a natural look. What I like best is when a freshly built set adds character to the face while imperceptibly blending in with it. The stubborn thirst for knowledge and the strong internal motivation to make my work better and better, I took part in different trainings again and again. Each time I learned something new, and as my technique improved and my knowledge expanded, the urge to pass on all that I had learned and experienced over the years grew stronger. With all my work, I constantly try to represent quality and value, as well as my trainings, so that my students – like me once – receive quality and value! A value that they can represent, that they can work for and work for, and that they themselves will be able to pass on when the time comes.

Miracles always happen outside your comfort zone!

So if you’re ready to hold hands and take the first step together into the wonderful world of eyelashes, my door is open to you. Whether you want to learn or you want fabulous eyelashes!

Mónika Szücs

Bécs / Ausztria

In 2010, I completed my first Classic Eyelash Extensions course, and at the same time I also obtained a cosmetology certificate. Since then, I’ve been working as an obsessive lash artist, with a minor interruption. I started my work in a beauty salon in Kisvárda, where we still worked with bulk eyelashes, it was a big challenge, but I also liked it.

In 2012, we had a one-year professional break when we moved to Austria, however, I did not give up my profession even then, because in 2015 I managed to get my cosmetic business license. From the first moment, I knew that I wanted a real Austrian salon where I could really be myself. After huge difficulties and a lot of persistent work, our Beauty Essence salon opened its doors in the center of Vienna in 2018, which became a real little jewellery box.

In 2017, I met Helga and the Luxury Eye brand. It was true love and most importantly, I saw the qualitative change in the work. A year later, I was able to represent Austria, as I became a Luxury Eye Distributor.

The experiences gained over the years and it’s prompted me to pass on the knowledge I had acquired so far, which was not far from me due to my pedagogical background. Starting in 2018, I will teach Classic eyelash extensions courses, but I felt that this was not enough, so from June 2022 I can teach as an instructor of Luxury Eye, acquiring all the instructor’s secrets from Helga.

“Talent is not enough to be successful… It takes enormous diligence and humility to be successful throughout one’s career.”